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RPCQ-ST series

3000 rpm/min




  • 最高转速可达3000rpm,正常工作速度2600-2800rpm,精确绗缝。

  • 可调节高度的特殊设计的缝纫机头,独立的压脚驱动,适合多种薄厚不同材料的绗缝。

  • 可调整和可伸展的铝绗缝框架,框架的大小可以根据生产需要自由地调整。

  • 四台松下伺服电机提供强大而准确的动力。

  • 针钩间隙的特殊设计(针与钩之间的间隙),避免钩上的大的磨损,延长机器的使用寿命。

  • 原装日本Koban旋梭和梭壳。

  • 自动修边,断线检测以及修补功能,一旦断线后机器会自动停止,穿线后的缝纫机头将返回停车点继续绗缝。


  • Safety Protection 

    - Infrared facility increases safety factor

    - working area protection from two side and back side of machine

  • Easy Frame Changer  

    - Double layers frame changer, for preparing material and change quilt frames easily.

    - Adjustable and extendable aluminium quilting frames, the size of frame can be adjusted freely according the production demand

  • Automatic Frame Changer

    - Frame up & down drive by motors automatically

    - Easy to feed quilt frames to the quilting machine with just a breeze push

    - Operate by one person easily which decrease the workload.

  • Wifi/USB Pattern Transfer

    - Optional Wifi pattern transfer devices, able to transfer patterns directly from office computer control system to quilting machine.

    - Alternative pattern transfer by USB key

  • Belt Support System

    - Belt support system available based on 1:1 design quilting machine, offer support on the back side of quilt, flatten the material during whole working process.

    - Specially good for production of down filled duvet, mattress top, or separated fiber filled comforters, such as wool, ball fibers, prevent filling material slip or accumulation during quilting.

    - High Pattern accurancy for heavy material but high pattern quality products such as sofa, funiture quilting.

  • Rotary Up Head

    - After finish quilting , sewing head rotatingl up automatically , easy for changing frame.

  • Automatic Bobbin Winder

    - Wind or re-wind bobbin thread automatically,labor saving.

  • Quilting Frame & Clamps

    ① Standard frame clamp 

    ② Long arm clamps(option)

    ③ Small nip clamps(option)